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One exclusive membership and access to all the health related tools you will ever need, personal website and hosting included, you can use this as your main-site or as a portal for interactive questionnaires with your clients

“We believe in education in medical terminology and treatments for holistic therapists so they understand, at least in part, how other professionals will treat and care for their clients – leading to an integrated approach”

We are a professional membership organisation for all therapists: from personal trainers through to life coaches and hypnotherapists and everything in-between, we believe in the inter-connected and holistic nature of health and wellbeing

…We distinguish ourselves by excellence, one membership, one registry all modalities

We are a multination/international organisations with members in a range of countries checkout our register page for your country and to register to access exclusive offers, entitlement to professional insurance from our partners and a wealth of tools and resources that you can reuse as long as your membership is active…

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